What does the future hold?

What does the future hold?


For quite some time after the opening of Strange Clothing, I was inspired and captivated. Ready to create and just push my products as much as possible. Then life, money, issues and careers drowned out the passion I had for my brand. I'm at fault for that, I can admit. My perseverance should have outweighed the weights the world placed on my shoulder but... it didn't. When I finally got to a stable and productive state again, I realized I wasn't happy entirely with what I created. I had put together a business plan that wasn't authentic to myself anymore. It didn't share the values, morals or possess the qualities I wanted Strange to have for so long. 


So I went back to the drawing board. What made me happy? What sparked that fire in me to stay up till 3 AM and not even think twice about it? What. Is. Strange?

Well the name itself is different, it's Strange! So why am I trying to fit into these boxes that others deem as the only way you can make it in this space? It's not me, never been me. I like to stay true to my core. True to myself. 

At my pop up, I created and designed every single shirt that was on display. I ironed on the logos, fabric spray painted the designs on the backs and even created the labels by hand that I placed on the shirts to showcase their price. And you know what? I was genuinely happy doing so. I was happy creating this art, this work. It was MY creation. And to see those that made purchases, because they liked MY creation, made my heart warm. It has nothing to do with money for me, it had to do with the fact that these people wanted to wear something that lived in my head for so many years. That's SICK!!!!! And a honor.

I say all of THAT to say THIS, the future of Strange will be at the hands of myself. I will be creating every single design I sell at the start of 2024 unless I state otherwise. Which I promise to always remain authentic. Our current process is through a drop shipping company so all of those shirts are going to be pulled on 12/31/2023. FOR GOOD. It's a good feeling to say that too.

That means that every shirt that comes from this company will be made with love and passion upon your order. I appreciate all the support we've had and I hope I can make you all proud as well as myself. 

STAY Strange my peeps, don't let anyone ever change you.

Much love, Cortni. 

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Beyond proud of you, Cort! You were never made for those molds. Be You. Be Happy. Mad Love Always. ♥️☮️😎

Adela Chavez

Proud of you. Looking forward to some new merch!


Amazing insight and can’t wait to see what you have for the next designs! Adding to my collection and loving every one!!

Tracy Lackey

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